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Packer Controversy Grows, Billy Says He 'Doesn't Remember' Conversation

News of the controversy surrounding his alleged sexist comments to two Duke
students has
now reached Billy Packer.
He says he "doesn't remember" the
exchange, but one of the women involved remembers it very clearly and posted
it on our board, and at least two other students have written to say that they
witnessed the exchange.

However, CBS President and Duke grad Sean McManus called and e-mailed and
said that Packer should be calling them personally. Packer, perhaps without
knowing of the McManus contact, said this:

"I have not talked to CBS about contacting them. I have nothing to say about it.  

"If those two girls have a problem with me, they should call me up; I'm easy to find. Or they should have told me at the time."

Here is the post from our board, as posted by Petunia, who was one of the
women Packer does admit he spoke to, though he says, as we mentioned, he
"can't remember" the conversation.

I am a long time reader (3 yrs), but first time poster.

About Billy Packer- I was one of those two girls. We were at the side door
to Cameron, where the press people come in. We check off the pep
band and also  make sure other students don't try to sneak by. We also
occasionally ask to see press passes from the adults. The CBS producer walked
by and told us to tease Jim Nantz (sp?) and Billy Packer when they came in.

So, although we recognized Packer, we said, "hey, where's your press
pass?" His response: "You need to get a life." He then said "Why are two women guarding
theentrance to a _MENS_ game? Shouldn't you find a women's game to

As we sat there, shocked, he then asked if we were Duke students.
"Well, yes." He replies, "Sure. And so what are you doing
sitting here?" "we're just checking off the pep band members." He then replied, "oh that explains it."

One of the stadium officials asked him if he was kidding around with us and
he replied, as he went up the stairs, "No, that's just the kind of guy I
am." We- the two of us, the stadium official, and the two line monitors-
just sat in utter disbelief. I used to dislike him  because of his bias;
now I loathe him. We're goign to talk to the athletic dept. about it on
Monday. I don't think that is acceptable behavior for an announcer to have
toward two students simply doing their job.