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A Beautiful Cwell Article For Sr. Day

a very moving article about Chris Carrawell in today's News and Observer.
a must-read.  As one of our e-mailers said, on the grocery list today:

It's amazing really, what this guy has done, and basketball is the lesser
part of it. Chris has become, in the highest sense and against great odds, a
man. The only sad part is that he only has a few games left among us. 
Let's make really sure this guy gos out today the way he should go out -
loved, respected, and with tears of joy for his strength of character. 
It's our privilege to have been around this guy for four years. When the
seniors leave, we always miss them, of course, but we're goign to misshim more
than maybe anyone else.

Win or lose today, make sure you stay for Chris's comments.