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ACC Roundup

UVa, a team which should be in the tourney, keeps trying to play their way
out. Latest problem: losing
to Wake last night.
Lenox Rawlings has a story up about

an article on retired ACC jerseys.
20 is popular, but at Duke that would
have been (most likely) Gene Banks. Other # 20s: Chris Collins, Mike
Chappell, and Casey Sanders.

a followup on Clemson's performance against Duke.
You have to give
them credit - they were very gutty. And you have to admire the job Shyatt has
done. These guys could have crumbled in December.

The FSU football went to the White House
to get their pix taken with President Clinton
and do the standard "we
are the champions" thing. Clinton told them, "I came in with you, and
I'm gong out with you," but we're guessing he was looking at the
cheerleading squad when he said it!