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Why G105 Is Off Our Settings For Good

G105, a radio station here in the Triangle, has trumped the Durham
Herald-Sun's bad taste and apparently made the decision that Duke listeners -
and Duke advertisers for that matter - aren't that desirable or important 
You've probably seen the UNC taunt floating around with the picture of Carrawell
and Coach K. The picture itself  we don't object to. It's a moment of
truth, and it's poignant and touching. What we do object to is how the
Herald-Sun, and now G105, have used it. We discussed the Herald-Sun yesterday,
and that was bad enough, but G105 has taken the UNC taunt and put it up, and as
far as we're concerned, we won't be listening to G105 again, period They've now yanked it but this is what was up. If you'd
like to register your objection, you can e-mail the Station Manager and the Sales Manager at this address
. Alternatively, you can also call the station at (919) 878-1500.

If anyone would care to listen long enough to find out who their advertisers
are, we'll be glad to list them here as well.  G105, theoretically anyway,
serves the entire Triangle, Duke fans included, much like the Herald-Sun. 
If they feel we aren't important enough, that's ok, their importance just
decreased sharply to us as well, but let them know that you took notice of their
poor taste.  UNC fans are going to do things like this, which kind of
undercuts their assertions of class, and that's fine, but when radio stations
and newspapers join in, Duke fans should make sure their voices are heard.

G-105 Advertisers

  • Home Depot:  1-800-430-3376
  • Long Beverages:   (919) 596-9395 
  • Durham Mitsubishi (919)489-2408