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New Developments in Barkley/Miller Imbroglio

Andy Miller, who featured in yesterday's NY Post story about Erick Barkley,
along with Bret Bearup (Bearup tells us that the Post finally got the corrected
version up though we don't see it now, but there is a big difference between a line of credit for a guy who has decided to leave early and giving someone 50,000 dollars), is back in the news as the NY Times
continues to delve into the Barkley situation and
is reporting some potentially major developments.

This time it's serious, as the Times suggests that Miller made repeated calls
to Mike Miller of Florida and Tony Harris of Tennessee, in violation of laws in
Florida and Tennessee, respectively, and is likely to be charged with a 3rd
degree felony in Florida. We don't know how the NBA handles such things,
but the Players Association regulates agents and can de-certify them.

This is a very serious situation, certainly for St. John's, but also now for
Florida, a young team faced with a potentially major distraction on the eve of
the Final Four. Probably not what they wanted, but we suspect Donovan will
use it as a motivational tool, possibly writing something on the shoes or socks
again, or maybe watching Rocky or possibly On The Waterfront (now there's a movie for you Billy!).

As far as the Curse goes, of course, it's a twofer, and with Tennessee's
being brought into it, could one argue they are being punished by the Curse for
collapsing against UNC?

A lot of details are coming from the lawsuit filed by Eric Fleischer, who used to be Miller's employer.

The Curse - someday it will make believers of you all!!