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Morris To Stay

It looks like Terrence Morris is going to stay. We were forwarded these comments
by a friend a little while ago, apparently from his press release:

"I have decided to return to the University of Maryland for my senior year.
It is an opportunity for me to complete my education and be a senior leader
on the basketball team. I am very excited about our team for next season,
and have very high goals for the team and myself. I am looking forward to
being a part of the campus community for another year."

We haven't seen it online yet - wait, now we have - but assuming it is correct (which it is), it would give
Maryland their entire starting lineup back, and UNC would return 4.  Duke
also returns 4, of course, and UVa, Wake, and NC State all return the bulk of
their clubs and are all strong bets to be better next year and to make the
tournament. The ACC is going to be very difficult. The only team of the ones
listed above likely to slip is UNC, and that is because they'll have to replace
Ed Cota with either a freshman or Jon Holmes.  But they'll still be
tough.  A banner year? Could be!