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Bret Bearup Responds To NY Post

The New York Post had a column up about Erick Barkley and Bret Bearup this
morning, making some
allegations about Bearup's conduct.
We contacted him to ask him his side,
and he forwarded us this post which he made on another site, which he says
pretty much sums up his side of the story. The opinions here (particularly
regarding Eric Fleischer) are his alone. We neither endorse nor contest them,
but wanted to pass them along to you.

I have been following the Erick Barkley situation with interest recently, since Erick was
recommended to my firm by his new agent, Andy Miller, and choose to sign with us over the
weekend. I have known Miller for years and share multiple clients with him, as I do many other

One of the first services my firm performs when we take on new clients is to arrange a line of
credit from a banking institution for the client for living expenses, etc., that the client will incur
over the ensuing 8 months (his first NBA paycheck will come November 15th).

The NY Post, as shoddy a newspaper as you will ever see, printed today that I "gave" Barkley
$50,000...and wondered when I gave it to him. Ironically, Barkley has yet to make his initial draw
on his credit line. I explained this to the Post last night at about 9:30.....but you don't see
anything from me in the story.

The Post further uses "unnamed sources" that allege that I "steer" players to Andy Miller, who
allegedly reimburses me for my expenses and gives me a cut of his fee. This is an ABSOLUTE,
BALD-FACED LIE. I told the Post this last night. They did not print it....and what better source
than I? Yet, this yellow, bush-league newspaper can smear my reputation using unnamed
"sources." Words cannot express how angry I am at this newspaper.

Miller is in litigation with his former partner, Eric Fleischer. Fleischer and his attorney have been
leaking discovery materials to the press and have been, in my opinion, the "unnamed sources."
Fleischer is trying to hurt Andy Miller (his former protege) and anyone who is Millers' friend.
Fleischer is angry with me for remaining on friendly terms with Miller.....and didn't like it when I
informed him that he doesn't get to choose my friends. Some friend Fleischer turned out to wonder NBA GMs detest him.