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A New Low for the Herald-Sun

Prominently shown above the fold on the front page of today's Chapel Hill edition of the Durham Herald-Sun, there's a large photograph of a window display in a store on Franklin Street. It's of a tombstone with the words "DOOK - R.I.P." on it. Ok, that's all part of the rivalry, it's fun (if obsessive), and we understand that.

What was unfortunate, though, was that attached to the tombstone was a photocopy of the photograph of Chris Carrawell in tears, as he is hugged by Coach K, as Chris left the court at the Florida game. We would expect that kind of ridicule of a kid who has achieved wonders and shown amazing character from some in Chapel Hill, but for the local paper to be a party to that mockery is a complete disgrace. It's a cheap shot, and for a Durham paper (even if was the Chapel Hill edition) to publicize the use of a truly touching photograph as ridicule of Chris Carrawell, it borders on the shameful.

If you want to let the Herald-Sun know how you feel, we suggest you write a polite e-mail to Bill Hawkins, the Executive Editor, who in radio spots encourages the public to write to him with their opinion. As an aside, Bill's wife is a longtime employee of the athletic department at UNC, currently, we believe, in the Sports Promotions Office.

Chris Carrawell grew up in a lot of adversity, overcame it, and has had a tremendous career. It's a shame the local paper now seems intent on making him a laughingstock to thousands of readers. For Chris' sake, we'd hope you'd express your opinions as you see fit.