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The FITSter Returns!

The FITSter's been over in Chappaheeya lately selling rope ladders to
Tarheel "fans." Rope ladders? Well, since just about every tacky blue
"fan" abandoned ship on his or her team this year, (from the internet
mouth breathers down to the Chansky-esque booster press and even
former players), the Tarheels late run has the erstwhile turncoats
looking to climb back aboard the Good Ship Tarheel. And your feckless
is more than willing to help the Vichy fans pretend it never
happened. Time to pull those UNC hats and flags out from under the
mattress where Mom couldn't find 'em!

Meanwhile FITS relishes the thought of still another court date
continuance for Eddie and Terry's Great Adventure. FITS knows that lots
of Heel fans will be pulling for their lads this weekend, especially a
few who have an interest in seeing Mr. Ed pull down a nice fat NBA
contract next year. But Fast Eddie may not yet grasp the full gravity of
his situation: FITS has been told that when Ed was informed he might be
on the receiving end of a civil suit, he demanded that it have three
buttons, not two.

FITS caught some women's action last weekend and endured another shot of
Sylvia Hatchell. Question: does the woman know that Halloween's in
October, not March?

And speaking of the lovely lady roundballers, has anyone noticed that
Nikki Teasley runs her mouth a whole lot better than she runs the team's