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C-well House Rules

Earlier we suggested that people write in with their good wishes for Chris Carrawell and a thanks for all he's done for our program. We're collecting the messages and will bind them in a book for him. So far, we've received well over 300 wondeful messages. Unfortunately, although we got a couple of nice notes from fans of other schools that we truly appreciate, we also got several idiots writing in, like this trash from an anonymous user at UNC:

From: Library Patron
Organization: UNC Chapel Hill Library--Public Microcomputer
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01C-NSCP (Win95; I)
Subject: Thanks For Everything Cwell!

Cwell, you were a pain in my ass for 4 years, now your gone. No NCAA
title and no Elite 8 this year. You liked to talk trash and now you can
be taking it out (after you fail out of the NBA in one year). Thanks
for nothing you total loser.....

And that's the tame stuff we can publish.

If you'd like to write to C-well, you still can by dropping us a note.