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A Few Morning Duke Features

Here's a nice article from the Boston Globe about Duke assistants Wojo (we're
pretty sure they misspelled it but you have be a Wojo to know for sure),
Henderson, and Dawkins
invading Seton Hall's practice
and picking on Seton Hall assistant Chris
Collins. It's amazing really, how Duke assistants are spreading far and
wide, and it's inevitable, really, that Duke coaches will start to collide in
the tourney.

here's an article on Nate James,
who is having a super post-season. Nate
says he'd
rather be a smaller part of a great program than a big part of a smaller
Works for us!

Pressing is the key to Florida's attack, of course, and Duke is ready for it
- Jason
says "bring it on."
Fortunately, though, Duke
is at full strength,
finally, and something tells us they will need it

There are a lot more links on our daily
Tourney links page
, so hit that, too.