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Volunteering To Be Stupid?

The Vols are talking some smack about the Heels. First of all, Vincent
Yarborough said this:
"We're not caught up in them being there, like they're the great Tar
Heels. They've got to come out and play just like we've got to
come out and play."

Ron Slay said: "We don't worry about any of that tradition
stuff...If that was a problem, we would have lost to Connecticut."

Now listen to C.J. Black:
"Yeah, pretty much
[I can outmuscle him]. I don't think I'll have any problem getting on the block and getting low-post feeds and doing my regular
routine...If he's tougher than he looks, I'll try something else."

And Ron Slay again: "Every day in practice, I'm going against Charles Hathaway and Isiah
[Victor]. I know Charles is way stronger than Haywood and Isiah is way better than Lang."

These quotes are
from an article on

We have always thought Tennessee basketball was kind of pointless, frankly,
but this year they started to seem like a real team, at least partly because
they have a real coach. But this is very likely to put them back to square
one. Pissing of a guy who is 7' and about 270 is one of the stupidest things you
can do in life. We'll see; maybe they can back it up and then it's not
bragging, of course, as the old saw goes. But if they can't, then they've
just added another stupid chapter to a thoroughly mediocre basketball tradition.