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Our First 10,000,000!

Sometime today, we'll pass 10 million. That's amazing. We still remember when
we passed 100,000 and thought we were Masters Of The Universe. 1,000,000 was
sort of the same. Since then we've been less enamored of the numbers and
more concerned with making this a better site. But 10,000,000 is pause for

Pretty clearly that can't be just Duke fans, so we really appreciate everyone
else who stops by here, and we invite you to post on the board, and if you have
thoughts on the game, or ideas, or a take on Duke, or a link or what have you,
just send it over. This is The Duke Basketball Report, but we're curious
and interested in every corner of college basketball, so please, send it over.

We've really enjoyed building things to this point, and we want to thank you
guys for being such great readers. We get a good enough balance of criticism and
praise to keep our heads on straight, stuff from readers suggesting we support
independent book stores rather than Amazon, to open source and privacy debates
on the bulletin board.

It's all been a blast. Please keep writing and please keep sending us
links. We read every single e-mail we get, though responding is sometimes
tough. We could use a secretary! Thanks again for everything, and for all
the kind words of support. We've really had fun, and learned a lot, and made
some great friends. That's really the best part of all. We're always
thinking (or trying to think, more precisely) of ways to make the site better
(with the time we have to devote to it), so if you have suggestions, please, by
all means, send those over as well. We're interested in anything and everything
you guys have to say and the best parts of this site usually come from reader

Ok, so we'll have our 10,000,000 sometime today. So that means only one
thing: on to 100,000,000!

Thanks again!