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Tonight's Games

As for tonight's games: we don't have a clue. To be consistent, since
we picked before, we'll take Gonzaga, MSU, LSU, and....hmm....hard to pick
against UCLA these days, but you know who they are looking like? Phi Slamma
Jamma - and we all know what happened there.

It almost seems unlikely that UCLA can put together another game like that -
who plays like that twice? Then again, you never know.

Gonazaga has earned our respect. We like them a lot tonight.

Michigan State should advance. The question here is LSU and Wisconsin.
Can the Badgers do it to LSU? We don't think they can. Our money is
on LSU to prevail.

Then again, though, with the way things have been, who the heck knows. This
tournament is a great one insofar as being unpredictable. Let's just hope the
East is the exception.

Nice stat (we might be off a game or two; this is from memory): Coach K is
21-7 in the second NCAA games. In other words, since all NCAA games are either
Thurs-Sat or Fri-Sunday (or Sat-Mon for the Final Four), Coach K is 21-7 in the
latter game.