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Guthridge's Mother Dies


We were very sad to hear that Bill
Guthridge's Mom passed away Wednesday.
  She had a long life - she lived
to 96 - but had been in failing health.

We're sure Coach Guthridge has a million and one things on his mind, both
professional and personal right now.  Anyone who has ever lost someone
knows what he is feeling now, and while it's easy to get caught in the rivalry,
things like this put it in proper perspective.  We'd like to offer our
condolences to Bill Guthridge and his family, and we'd like to invite you guys
to post your condolences and best wishes on the board where we'll open a
thread.  We think some people close to or in the UNC program might read
this site and might at least pass word of it on to Coach Guthridge. We can go
back to hating the Heels later, but there is a sense of family which is unique
to the ACC, and Coach Gut is part of that family, so let's show him Duke fans
have some heart.