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3 Former PGs, 3 Notes

We got this e-mail from a reader a little while ago:

Quin has just hired a new assistant in charge of player development- Marcus
Perez who for the last 2 years has been the AD at Pace Academy here in Atlanta,
where Pearson goes to school. Pace is a tiny school and Marcus was a terrific
AD; in his 2 years as basketball coach he took the school to the State
tournament for only the 2nd and 3rd times in school history. Big loss
for us. Apparently Marcus played at Army while Quin was at Duke. They knew each
other then and Marcus helped at Duke basketball camp for several years. He is a
great guy. Quin offered him the job last summer, but Marcus wanted to finish out
the year at Pace first.

So congrats to Quin for a new hire, and to Marcus Perez.

Secondly, speaking of former assistants and former point guards, the Poop
Sheet has this intriguing line: "[Tommy] Amaker also has an unspoken
agreement with Duke that he'll take over at his alma mater when Krzyzewski

This is from the last edition. Those of you who subscribe already have the
new one. We had it but had missed that reference. It's much like the Roy
Williams story, and while we hope it's true we'll take it with a grain of salt
until we see that it is. For one, Tommy has a rapidly improving situation and is
in a talent hotbed: he can recruit from a taxi to a large extent. Secondly, time
changes some things, and while he may have felt that way at one point, it's
entirely possible that he might change his mind down the road. But still,
it's a nice thought.

And third, speaking of former point guards, Bobby Hurley is appearing on
during the tournament.