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Maggette - In Retrospect, A Major Boo-Boo

Last year, when the Three Amigos left, we said that we expected at some point
(we thought February), one of them, at least, would wake up in a hotel room
somewhere and realize he had made a mistake. Jay Mariotti had a column yesterday
about Corey Maggette, and
he seems to think Corey's the one.
He picks up on what we had said
(not that he reads us, but we said the same thing), that Maggette blew 10
million, easily, and as we said about Shane Battier recently, there is no salary
cap on endorsements.

Maggette, he says, doesn't admit to a mistake, but he is clearly
frustrated with his development. He made his decision, though, and there's no
going back, so the best thing that Corey could do would be to hire someone to
drill him on fundamentals. Until he gets that down, he'll never be, as he wants
to be, the go-to guy in the fourth quarter.