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Info On The Portsmouth Invitational

We got this from a reader last night. It reads like a press release, but
that's ok, it probably is. It's about the Portsmouth camp.

The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament is in its 48th year and includes among
it's list of former players many Duke and ACC players (including Wojo and Jeff
Capel). The P.I.T., as it is commonly called, know has a official website at
. This basketball event invites 64 of
the top seniors in college basketball to show pro scouts what they have.

The tickets for the games that will be held in Churchland High School in
Portsmouth, VA are $7 per day or only $22 for all 11 games with the
consolation games free. As a former resident of Virginia I am asamed that
this tournament is not sold out nor is the seats filled.

These are some of the teams will be sending players to paly at this year event
(April 5-8, 2000):

  • Tulsa (2)
  • Northern Arizona
  • Dayton
  • Purdue
  • St. Bonaventure (2)
  • Cincinnati
  • Michigan State
  • Florida State
  • Iowa State
  • Louisville (2)
  • Ohio State
  • Gonzaga

As you can see and eventually read (if you visit the official website) the
P.I.T. is a great event and bargain for those who are within driving distance
of the event. No All-Americans for the Div. 1 first team will likely show up,
but there is plenty of fun. A great event that any good college basketball
website should have a link to.