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Dave Letterman, Madness, & A Curse Update

David Letterman was at his dyspeptic best Monday night, riffing on March
Madness, and complaining about CBS coverage and his cable/satellite package (he
got the mega-Madness package and found he couldn't get the one game he

He went on about the annoying little ditty they play to announce scores, then
about the ad for cbssportsline, and finally ridiculed the state of Kentucky for
not having as many teams in as Indiana (5). Of course, IU, Ball State, Indiana
State and Valpo all went home quickly. Only Purdue is left, and with them, it's
usually just a question of time.

Speaking of Indiana, that reminds us, it's time for a Curse update.
In Andy Katz's latest column,
he has a list of "Five In Trouble."
All four of these teams (number 5 is 3 conferences) are victims of the Duke

  • He lists Kentucky as Team Turmoil 1.0, saying that on top of
    Allison's DWI, they might lose Tubby to the Hawks
  • Indiana: team turmoil 2.0. You probably know this deal already.
    What's next?
  • St. John's: team turmoil 3.0. Possible probation, poor sportsmanship, and
    that's aside from an early exit.
  • Cincinnati: DerMarr Johnson may leave, and Katz mentions Huggs as an NBA

On a more positive level, he has high praise for Carlos Boozer, saying he is
a major reason Duke is alive. Carlos has done a tremendous job this season, of
course. His injury slowed him down early, but that seems to be a
non-factor these days, and his fundamental soundness is remarkable. We can't
remember the last freshman big man we saw who was so fundamentally mature.
Boozer goes left, goes right, and generally knows the game. He does drop the
ball periodically, but he's gotten better about that, too, and the guy's hands
are powerful. He has a tremendous future in basketball.