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DBR Traffic - Upwardly Mobile!

Our Traffic Continues To Skyrocket!

We ran our traffic numbers for February, and despite the disruptions and
downtime caused by hacking, we're thrilled to say we got well over 6,000,000
hits in February. Had we not had extensive downtime from the hacking, we might
well have made 7,000,000. Thanks again for all the support and well wishes and
of course for hanging out here. We're incredibly appreciative of all the kind
words, the support, and everything you guys have done to make this site what
it is. We're still feeling creative, and we are thinking of new ways to keep
things fun and interesting, and of course, we're more than happy to talk to
anyone about ideas you might have.  We can't necessarily do them all, but
we love to hear them, and we learn a lot from the suggestions.

Thanks again! You guys are great!