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Billy Packer, Misogynistic Jerk?

A number of you wrote, after the St. John's game, to ask us what we meant
when we alluded to bad behavior by Billy Packer. Well
here's what the fuss is about.
We weren't standing there when it happened,
but a couple of people who were have written to support this account. So
what to make of this? Well, in a nutshell, if you are one of the legions who
can't stand Billy Packer, there's nothing here to make you change your
mind. He's obviously a smart guy, but this time Mr. Cash may have let his
mouth write a check his behind can't really cover. It's easy to respect
Packer's basketball knowledge, but he has a track record now of saying truly
stupid and offensive things. From here on out, we'll take Dicky V over Packer
any day, and the sooner he gets out of the game, the happier we'll be.
What a maroon.