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Packer At It Again

Today's Durham Herald-Sun had an interesting blurb on another confrontation Billy Packer had with a stadium attendant that also shows how truly sorry (yeah, right) he was about the recent incident at Duke in which he insulted two female students who asked for his press credentials.

According to the Herald-Sun, Lawrence Joel Coliseum has two parking locations for the press, one adjacent to the media entrance and the other across the street and a good walk from the entrance. When Packer arrived at the stadium, an elderly parking attendant wearing a Wake Forest jacket, stopped him and directed him to the further lot. Packer told the man, "You're just like those girls at Duke."

The attendant relented and let the unrepentant mispronouncer of Dunleavy and Horvath into the closer lot. The attendant later said to the reporter, "Aww, Billy's always like that. He's just being Billy."