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Today's Picks

We're a bit late on posting these - the OSU-Pepperdine game is near halftime.
So for that game we'll stick with our original pick, Oklahoma. Here's the rest:

  • Duke-Kansas. We think the Friday game will give K the proper motivation
    for Sunday's. He'll get the guys fired up.
  • Florida-Illinois. We always bet on better defense and coaching. So far,
    that would point to Lon Kruger, though Donovan is growing. Illinois.
  • Pepperdine-OSU. As we said, we'll stick with OSU.
  • Seton Hall-Temple. Amaker is talking about the matchup as a mental
    disorder (for opponents). Peppi Sanchez says it's Temple.
  • Stanford-UNC - similar teams, but Stanford is better.
  • UConn-UT - El-Amin is less than 100%, so UT.
  • Miami-OSU - we like OSU
  • Tulsa-Cincy - we'll take Tulsa, and probably regret it