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Upset City, Baby! And A Duke Curse Update

Gonzaga did it! They knocked off St. John's in a wonderful game, meaning that
in the West, Seeds 1, 2, and 3 have all lost, as Oklahoma was upset earlier in
the day and Arizona was knocked off by Wisconsin.

This may take some of the sting, or at least publicity, out of Maryland's
losing to UCLA 105-70. That's pathetic. From now on, Gary Williams
officially joins Gene Keady and Jim Boeheim, and to a lesser extent Lute Olson,
as guys we will consistently bet against. Gary has yet to make it past the
Sweet 16, and while he has a young team, picking them in the NCAAs is like
picking Charlie Brown to finally kick the damn ball: it's probably not going to

Finally, an interesting point to consider. Kentucky lost today also. Duke
Curse? Consider: St. John's has had more NCAA problems and a major upset.
UConn has a critical injury. Cincinnati has a huge hole at center. Kentucky has
a DWI, a second round loss, and their coach is rumored to be looking around.
Maryland was humiliated. Tomorrow, Stanford and UConn get their chance to
survive the curse, and Kansas gets a chance at a second helping. Our
prediction: if Kansas beats Duke, Bill Guthridge will resign after the season
and Roy Williams will leave Kansas, thus fulfilling one of the curse's
requirements, namely that beating Duke in the tournament (and lately in the
regular season as well) means misery. We ask Kansas fans, again: is it really
worth it?