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Sweet 16 Picks, And An Oops

Here's our picks for the Saturday-Sunday games. When we posted originally, we
cut off the South bracket, so that's here now as well.


  • Arizona over Wisconsin. Can they survive the tortuous offense? Here's
    saying Gardner & Arena can
  • Texas over LSU. Former Clemson Coach #1 survives
  • Oklahoma over Purdue. Purdue loss is only a question of time, as it is
    every year
  • Gonzaga over St. John's. Just a hunch.


  • Michigan State, but Utah is oh-so-dangerous
  • Syracuse over Kentucky. Two slumping teams at the end of the season, but
    UK's depth is an issue.
  • UCLA-Maryland. Hmmmm. Key matchup: Gadzuric vs. Baxter. Maryland has
    better guards, so we'll go with the Terps, but if UCLA gets hot, Maryland
    goes down. Big if.
  • Iowa State over Auburn. Former Clemson Coach #2 goes home to wear
    cardigans in August.


  • Duke over Kansas. After the poor Lamar game, Krzyzweski now has the
    motivational tool he needs.
  • Florida loses to Illini. All else being roughly equal, bet on the better
    coach. That's Kruger
  • Oklahoma State over Pepperdine. Eddie Sutton is no joke. Goodbye,
  • Temple over Seton Hall We have faith in Amaker, but Temple is one
    tough bunch. Sanchez is about 9 inches taller than Holloway, too.


  • Stanford Over UNC. They have the size to challenge Haywood & Lang, and
    Jacobsen is Forte West Coast. Their offense is also equally potent.
  • Tennessee over UConn. We thought UT would win anyway, but if El-Amin
    is injured, that makes it even more likely.
  • Ohio State over Miami. Better guards, better coach.
  • Tulsa over Cincy. We'll regret this one - probably the whole bracket - but
    we see Tulsa being smarter and more patient.