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The First Day

Remember when General Schwarzkopf showed the Iraqi guy zooming across the
bridge, just before it was bombed, and said he was "the luckiest guy in

That's probably how the SEC felt after Thursday's games. Consider:

  • St. Bonny's almost beat Kentucky, in double OT
  • LSU barely escaped SE Missouri State, 64-61
  • Auburn almost disintegrated against Creighton in the last 12 seconds before blocking a
    potentially game tying 3 point shot.

All three could have easily fallen. But they weren't the only ones to stave
off disaster. Dayton just missed knocking off Purdue. Iowa State struggled
against Central Connecticut, which is amazing, and just as amazing, St.
John's almost blew it with Northern Arizona. You would almost have to live
in Arizona to understand how amazing that is. It's somewhat like Campbell
or UNCG doing the same thing. Utah, usually good for a nice run in the
tournament, struggled with St. Louis, admittedly a bit hot after the C-USA
Tournament, but still. Utah is/has been an elite team. They aren't as elite as
they have been, but they are still a tough team.

So far here's how we did: we got Arizona (duh), Texas and LSU. We
missed on Dayton. We leaned toward Winthrop - bad mistake. We missed on
Louisville and nearly on St. John's.

MSU we got right, and just missed St. Louis. We picked UK and Syracuse.

UCLA and Ball State we said was a tossup; UCLA won. We picked Maryland. We
blew Creighton, but not by much. We got Iowa State right.

We were impressed with UCLA, though as always they were erratic. But at
times they were beautiful.

Tomorrow we get to see what else we blew!