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New Name At Tech, One DBR Candidate

It's widely understood that Georgia Tech would prefer to hire a minority
coach (maybe a Japanese or Samoan?). Two new names may - may - play into the
mix. First of all, Rod
, who has done a super job at Arizona State getting that program back
in gear, and secondly, though no connection exists that we know of yet, Nolan
Ryan. Both coaches have issues with athletic directors: ASU's AD took the
job at Notre Dame, and Nolan Richardson - not Ryan, that was a synapse
misfire - is not
getting along with AD Frank Broyles.
Most interesting developments.
Richardson's graduation rate is probably not up to Tech's expectations, but he
would definitely shake the ACC up should Tech go after him. We don't
particularly like the guy, but he does have a star quality, and the ACC could
use a fiery coach, quite honestly.

On the other hand, though,
Arkansas's recruiting has stunk lately, and since that's what sunk Cremins, Tech
might demur.

In the Evans link above, Jeff Jones is mentioned as a candidate at American.