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Readers Upset Picks!

Don Hochstein

Okay guys, my upsets

  • creighton to win once
  • winthrop to win twice
  • dayton to win once
  • unc over stanford (sorry)

the gimmees that ain't

everyone is saying pepperdine and gonzaga. i say nope

also look for cincy to coast to the elite eight.

Kevin Kelley

Round I

  • Creighton over Auburn
  • Samford over The Orangemen
  • Fresno and the Tark over Wisconsin
  • Dayton over Purdue (A game during which Gene Kady will lose his
  • Gonzaga over Loouisville Depaul over Kansas
  • Seton Hall and Tommy over Oregon
  • Quin et al over the Tarholes!
  • Arkansas over Miami


Purdue loses to dayton.. turnovers, turnovers, turnovers

Cincinnati loses in second round to Tulsa.. Huggins won't right this
floundering rudderless ship.

Seton Hall over Oregon. OK. this is purely sentimental but good point guard
play and D. can take you places in the dance.

Indiana gets dropped by Pepperdine.. Bobby Knight self-destructs and the
team goes down in flames...

Henry Pye

Here are my upset picks... purely for enjoyment

  • 9 Missouri (17-10)over 8 N Carolina (18-12)
  • 11 Arkansas (15-14) over 6 Miami (Fl.) (19-9)
  • 11 Dayton (21-7) over 6 Purdue (21-8)
  • 10 Gonzaga (21-8) over 7 Louisville (19-10)
  • 10 Seton Hall (19-8) 7 Oregon (22-7)
  • 11 P'dine (22-7) over 6 Indiana (20-6) 6
  • 12 Butler (20-7) over 5 Florida (23-6)
  • 9 St Louis (15-13) over 8 Utah (21-7)
  • I have very few good reasons other than desire...

    David Antolik

    Utah St. over UCONN...

    The Curse.

    Christopher Bass

    First Round:

    Dayton over Purdue - In March, Purdue turns into Purdont.

    Arkansas over Miami - Two tough defensive teams. I go with Arkansas because
    this weekend they looked like the early 90's Hogs -- a bunch of ridicolously
    quick guys that you've never heard of who hound you all over the court and
    actually make games "40 minutes of hell".

    Hofstra over Oklahoma State - Hofstra has a lot of tough city kids and play
    a style that OSU rarely sees in the Big 12. Plus a 3 always beats a 14.

    Second Round:

    UCLA over Maryland - I think these two teams are pretty evenly matched but I
    think the loss/restricted play of Miller will hurt the Terps (much like it
    did in the 2nd half versus Dook).

    Florida over Illinois and UConn over Tennessee -- I don't think 4-5 games
    are really upsets.