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Mizzou On TV - KCTV Relents!

One of the nice things about being part of the DBR community is when people
work together to get commonly desired results. Lately, here's what you
guys have done: shot Coach K's new book up as high as #75 (from 314) on Amazon's
list of Hot Books (it's fallen back to 80).

Earlier this year you made it clear to local TV that you were very upset
about the cheesy NFL post-game being broadcast instead of the first half of
Duke-FSU, and they said that was an oversight and wouldn't happen again.

Now we've helped out our Missouri pals: Quin Snyder's Tigers are taking on
UNC at the same time Kansas is taking on DePaul, and the media markets
overlap. But thanks largely to your e-mails, KCTV-5 has agreed to let
another station broadcast the Mizzou-UNC game. Here's what we heard from our
Show-Me pal Erin:

Julio, Boswell, and DBR readers:
Thank you for your emails to KCTV-5 regarding the Mizzou/Carolina game.
All the messages helped in getting Ch. 5 to strike a deal with
another local station to carry the MU/UNC contest. Tiger fans across the
region will see Coach Quin in his NCAA Tourney debut Friday night; how sweet
will a win over the 'heels be for this DUKE fan and Mizzou alum?

Again, thanks for help to make it happen!

Hats off to you guys for getting Quin on TV in Missouri! Go Tigers!