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Duke News, Tourney News (Update)

The N&O has a great article up on
Shane Battier's leadership qualities.
Make sure to read it.  The Durham
paper has a nice article on the stunning season, which we can't link to, but the
basic stuff is in this article too.
  And before we forget, here's
a photo gallery from the tournament.

There's also an article on Coach
K's reaction to UVa's being left out.
  He also, unusually, is pumped
about the #1 seed.
   It's a
tough road to Indy,
but you have to play the best to get there, so it really
doesn't matter. If they'd beat you in the early rounds, chances are they'd beat
you in the Sweet 16.  Pat Kennedy, who will play Kansas to play Duke in the
second game, barring a stunning loss by Duke to Lamar, is
getting ready
,  and so
is Kansas, of course.
  They won a regional broadcast battle and so
KU-DePaul will be on on instead of Mizzou. You can help turn the tide here -
read the story entitled Mizzou Fans Request for Help. 
Let's get Quin some Face Time!

We received a few e-mails from people who had heard back from KCTV. They will be broadcasting the Kansas/DePaul game but are making arrangements with another channel to telecast the Missouri/UNC game. Thanks for writing on behalf of the Tiger fans!

Here's one guy who is
picking Duke to lose in the East Regional
- and what do you know, here's
with some good shooters, for a change,
Temple just might.

Speaking of Quin,  what
a way to start out his tourney life
- a chance to knock out UNC in the first
round. Mizzou actually bears a passing resemblance to Weber State and UVa - two
small, quick teams which sliced UNC to bits.

Lenox Rawlings has an article about
the latest ACC snub,
and Tony Kornheiser has his usual quality stuff about
the tournament, selections, and so on.

Alfred "The Butler" Hamilton has some comments on UNC's season,
not very happy,
while for Art
Chansky, hope springs eternal.