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Mizzou Fans Request for Help

We received the following note from Erin, our great Duke fan in Quin country, which she wanted us to pass along. If you want to help out some Tiger fans in Kansas City, drop a note to the TV station. Thanks!

Thought this might be of interest to you all - once game times for
Friday's NCAA action were announced, KC folks realized that Kansas' game vs. DePaul and Mizzou's game vs. Carolina were set to tip at nearly the same time. This gives KC's CBS affiliate - KCTV-5 - quite the dilemma - who to delight and who to royally tick off. Both will be decent games, and both have numerous fans in the KC viewing area.

Anyway, Mizzou fans plan to innundate the station with email and phone requests for the Tigers' game to be shown over the Chickenhawks' game.

So . . . if you feel like helping the cause of Quin's team in Kansas City, please shoot KCTV-5 a quick email -