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Barkley Hits The Wall, Or Something Like That Anyway

The Erick Barkley saga grows ever stranger. Apparently, according to the NY
Post anyway, he and
Bootsy Thornton got into a fight at halftime
of the Miami game in the Big
East Tournament. After the game, Erick said he was taking a "leave of

This is a strange story, and one more twist to the kid's career. Who knows
what is really going on, but we can all at the least hope he finds peace and
some level of stasis. All things considered, it makes us glad that the
Crazies took it easy on him when they were here.

Things may not get much easier next year for the Johnnies, as they have the
sometimes temperamental Omar Cook scheduled to replace Barkley, who has been
expected to jump to the NBA for some time, certainly before all this happened.