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Battier, Cwell Stories

Here's an update on Shane
Battier and also the Student Basketball Council.
And while we're at it,
here's an
update on Chris Carrawell and Senior day by Johnny Moore.

We hope everyone gives it up for Cwell in a major way on Saturday. This
kid has been amazing in a lot of ways. Obviously he's had a brilliant career,
and he's been a joy to listen to, as he's never hesitated to say what's on his
mind, good or bad. Those things are obvious and beyond question.

What's also significant is how he came from a terribly difficult background
and has not only made it at Duke but made Duke his in a way that's hard to
explain. There are a lot of athletes worth admiring at Duke, of course,
but Cwell is unique. To say Duke will miss him is trivializing a highly unique
relationship. Let's really send him off with the kind of farewell he
deserves, and let's look forward to draft day, when Chris will take the final
step to lifting his family out of poverty. It's hard to say thank you
enough for what he's given and been, but we owe it to him to try.