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Bearcats Dump Harper

After his arrest for allegedly assaulting his aunt's boyfriend (though as we
pointed out Harper alleges the man throttled him before he hit him),
Jerome Harper's scholarship offer from Cincinnati has been rescinded.
high school coach says it is to protect Cincinnati's image, and AD Bob Goin
said "...Coach (Bob) Huggins felt this action is needed for the integrity of our basketball program.”

We just want to point out that, aside from Cincinnati's very low graduation
rate, they also have several entries in Crime Beat, the most recent when Shawn
Myrick was indicted for sexual assault and Damon Flynt was accused of taking
2,800 dollars from from a friend - and let's not forget the guy who allegedly
slugged the police horse a while back.

Oh, and then there's Dontonio Wingfield.

Good thinking on Cincinnati's part, wouldn't want to damage the school's
image with a kid who might not be guilty of anything but self-defense.