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ACC Roundup

In timeless UNC type news, former player of the year Antwan Jamison will come
home tonight (nothing to do while he recuperates from an injury) to see
his #33 retired.
  As player of the year he is entitled, under their way
of doing things.   Out of all of UNC's players we've seen, he was the
single toughest to match up with.  And in keeping with the now ancient
a walkon will start his only game at UNC tonight.
  Ed Cota of course
is a senior tonight,
a great assist man, and so many of those went to
Jamison it's not funny. It was a lethal combo.

We've argued consistently that Steve Robinson is one of the better coaches in
the ACC, despite a glaring lack of talent.  So
it's very impressive that FSU is sitting in fifth place.
Think about it this
way - where would FSU be with State's talent? It's an unsettling question if
you're a State fan. Actually, expand it - give this guy UNC's, Wake's or Tech's
roster, and what does he do? He kicks some butt.

Apparently Herb Sendek has gotten some mail about
not playing Tim Wells on senior day.
He says now perhaps he should have made
another decision. Too late for Tim though.  State has pretty
much collapsed, of course,
to the point where they are looking at last place
as a serious possibility, and now it looks like Marshall
Williams is out indefinitely, which also hurts.

Ok, throw Marshall Williams on FSU. Can you imagine what Robinson would do
with him?

On the positive side for State, they have improved to the point where the
NIT is considered embarrassing.

Yesterday, Terrence Morris was reportedly staying at Maryland. Nothing has
changed as far as we know,
but he's not saying either way.