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Notre Dame Fans Screw Up Big Time

Notre Dame fans don't get it. After taunting Khalid El-Amin for having an
illegitimate child, and demeaning his religion, they
really blew it tonight by throwing crap on the floor at the end of a game and
getting a technical
- even after Matt Doherty told them earlier to cool it. Keep in mind that Notre Dame has been on the bubble.

We are fully aware that not everyone appreciates the Cameron Crazies, not
least of all people like Dean Smith and Ed Cota's mother. But does anyone
think they'd be so stupid as to throw a water bottle on the floor with 44
seconds and only down 2 points?

Until someone proves otherwise, the Notre Dame crowd has got to be the
stupidest crowd in all of college basketball. The El-Amin taunts were the
worst we'd heard since ASU fans taunted Steve Kerr about his murdered father,
and the technical - no one else has reached that
level of idiocy in our memory. Just astonishing.