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TSN's Major Typo

Uh...not quite...The Sporting News will correct this shortly, but they have
UNC down as beating Duke...the following is
a direct quote from the site..
..they also have invited UNC ahead of UVa,
which is understandable in some ways, but if UNC, State, & Maryland are in,
why not UVa? They're just as good. They also list Kenny Inge as "replacing" Ron Kelley in the starting lineup. Not a good day at TSN...

When North Carolina
looks good, you can
usually bet it's Ed
Cota's doing. In the
Tar Heels' recent big
victories over Clemson
and Duke, Cota
(pictured) lead the
team in scoring. This
hasn't escaped the
notice of tonight's
opponent, NC State,
which will guard Cota
aggressively and rely
on Kenny Inge, who is replacing injured center Ron
Kelley, to get inside and put up points. Even with
North Carolina's struggles this season and NC
State's failure to win an ACC road game, so far
both teams are solid enough to make the Field of
64, TSN's Tom Dienhart says.