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Duke Curse Update!

When we said, after last spring's magnificent performancy by UConn, that they
still had to contend with The Duke Curse, we got some angry e-mail telling us we
were out of our minds and jealous. Hey, we only document The Curse, we don't
direct or control it. Maybe one year it won't work. But so far it's been
pretty deadly accurate.

Is it kicking in? Since winning the national championship, here's what's
happened at UConn:

  • Khalid El-Amin arrested for drug charges (marijuana)
  • El-Amin and Jake Voskhul questioned about possible car problems
  • Doug Wrenn and another freshmen suspended this week
  • This is Wrenn's second suspension (also suspended for the Duke game), and
    he was arrested for alleged shoplifting before the season.
  • huge losses to Syracuse and Michigan State

Here's the past history of the curse as well.

  • 1984, Boston College, lost coach Gary Williams soon thereafter to Ohio
    State. Program revived long enough to beat UNC, then self-destructed and
    lost Jim O' Brien to...Ohio State.
  • 1985, Washington. The next year they played in Durham so riddled
    with injuries that Detlelf Schrempf had to play point guard. A long decline
    ensued and their German connection dried up. Decline finally arrested
    by....Bob Bender
  • 1986, Louisville: A long slow descent followed, complete
    with probation
  • 1987, Indiana: A painful downperiod until 1992 Final Four
    (where they lost to.....Duke). Continued decline ever since '92.
  • 1988, Kansas: Probation, lost coach.
  • 1989, Seton Hall: slow decline ensued, finally
    arrested by...Amaker
  • 1990, Vegas. Lost rematch, lost coach, lost most prestige,
    got Rollie Massimino
  • 1991 n/a
  • 1992 n/a
  • 1993, Cal. Probation, lost coach, big scandal.
  • 1994, Arkansas: a small probation, faded for several years,
    just now reviving
  • 1995 n/a
  • 1996, Eastern Michigan: Lost coach, faded from view
  • 1997, Providence: Program peaked, fell, lost coach to Uva
  • 1998, Kentucky: Lost coach to NBA, lost players to hardship in '98, draft,
    transfers at the end of '99, a rash of serious auto related problems.