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Chapel Hill - Depression Takes Hold

We are continually amazed at how far off the farm Art Chansky has
wandered. In his latest article,
he acknowledges that Duke has surpassed UNC and goes on to list how.

His conclusion? Do something about it or deal with it. Is this an oblique
reference to the supposed deal to bring Roy Williams back home? Is he suggesting
firing Guthridge?

Unfortunately, there's a major obstacle to that, by the name of Dean
Smith. The Poop Sheet said Gut's job is secure no matter who complains,
because Dean, who built the whole thing on loyalty, isn't about to let Gut get,
well, gutted, which leaves the Rams Club, and other boosters, in a quandary: if
they throw a true fit, they'll end up getting rid of Dean, too. And if
they do that, certainly UNC can go out and get a big-time coach - a Pitino or a
Donovan or maybe even Izzo - but is it worth the cost? Because if they run
Guthridge out of town, who in a family built on loyalty would then take the job?

It's a conundrum.

The Rams Club - If only they had this kind of patience