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James White In Cameron On Saturday

As you probably know, James White, junior sensation from Maryland,
will be in Cameron on Saturday
to witness the Duke-UNC game. First of
all, the obvious: you Crazies should make him feel welcome. He's a Carter/Maggette
level player.

Secondly, this is shaping up to be one of the great recruiting battles of
recent memory. Duke is battling UNC, Maryland, UConn, and probably
Florida. We'd like to take the opportunity to remind people to be as
positive as possible in your on-line existence, because you can count on this:
people will be using the web, in various ways, to aid in recruiting. How's one
way? Try this. Don't be surprised if (assuming Bill Guthridge is back next
year) negative UNC posts are gathered and mailed to James White.
Here are a couple of samples of what he's likely to get from people who engage
in negative recruiting.

NC Man:
You are wrong on this one my friend. I have talked to many former players who love Coach Gut as a person but want for him to step down. Behind closed doors, they say many of the same things that you have read on this board about preparation, motivation, coaching, etc. Obviously, they would never come out publically on this and they shouldn't. But the feeling is definitely there.

To me, the true IDIOTS are the ones who have their collective heads buried in the friggin sand! If you can't see that Gut doesn't have the refs, opposing teams, or his teams' respect, you must be watching a different game than I! It is your kind of mentality that leaves me stunned!
How can you not say that last year was pathetic? 10 losses! This year we have 11 (and counting!)


The "Gut ERROR" must end. A forgotten fact in all this is the GIFT Dean handed Gut and Gut's moronic Alphabetical order line-up crap that caused the team to never blend as they should have.

Anyone happy with 10+ losses should be rooting for a team other than UNC!