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ACC Roundup

We've said several times that Juan Dixon is one of the ACC players we most
admire. He has overcome devastating losses and just seems to get stronger and
stronger. Here's a
great profile
of a guy we like as much, probably more, than anyone we can
remember who played at Maryland. A quick list of our favorite Maryland players
of all time (not very long):

  • Juan Dixon
  • Keet Boot
  • Brian Magid
  • Greg Manning

Yep, that's about it.

Maryland is playing for second
place in the conference and a high NCAA seed.
On the NCAA jihad, Gary says
this: "I know we do it right. I don't know what all of a sudden creates this situation that those schools are in now, but I know I go home at night, I can sleep." 
It's impressive he can sleep after how he allegedly treated Tamir Goodman and
his mother. Ken Rosenthal, who wrote that article this summer (Goodman said that
Williams was very rude to his mother when they met and tried to pressure Tamir
into renouncing his commitment, which he did a few days later).  Still, as
Rosenthal says, this
is one of Gary's best efforts, if not the best.
Maryland is probably the
hottest team in the conference right now, and
you know they're ready for the rematch.

In Raleigh, Herb Sendek is coping
the best he can with the losing skid.
  He's focusing one day at a time,
which is all you can do, really.  He says no point in wasting energy on
games that can't be played yet, and that's a fair point. No point in wasting
energy on how they got in this mess either, but we're not State folks so we have
plenty of energy to spare. It's worth mentioning this: In at least three
critical situations this year, State made disastrous mistakes.  Against
Maryland, of course, Damon Thornton blew it big-time. Against Tech, they had six
players on the court.  And though we didn't see the Tulane game, we seem to
remember Thornton blowing up in that one, too.

How do you know something has changed at UNC? Well, besides the obvious
evidence. Here's one way: Joseph Forte is
talking openly about desiring records.
  That's a first as far as we can
remember.  Ed Cota probably wants the assist record, but he's indoctrinated
enough that he won't actually talk about it.  Forte
grew up near Maryland,
so of course this is a big game for him.

Barry Jacobs has a typically interesting chart up about
schools having back to back scoring leaders.

South of Charlotte, ACC teams are playing out the string, including FSU,
where Delvon Arrington is still trying to improve.