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Bulletin Board Material!

As you probably know by now,  UNC lost to UVa after being seriously
Art Chansky makes the same observation,
but commits a bit of a faux pas in
terms of bulletin board material: he says that the ACC Rookie Of The Year award
is between Joseph Forte and Travis Watson.

We'll save Duke the trouble of clipping it - here is the passage: 

"Travis Watson, a 6-8 freshman power forward playing center, went around and over Haywood all afternoon to keep the ball away from him on one end and score 18 points on the other. Watson, who staked his claim to the ACC Rookie of the Year award that many had already conceded to Joe Forte, added 11 rebounds for an impressive double-double."

Excuse us for pointing out the obvious, but Jason Williams has stepped into a
Top 5 program as a freshman point guard and played well enough to have Duke in
the Top 3. We have no problem with either Forte or Watson winning it, but where
would Duke be without Jason Williams?   Both Forte and Watson are
going to be superb players, already are in fact, but neither one has put their
team in the Top 10 lately.   If Jason Williams hadn't had a great
year, Duke would be lucky to be at .500 now. Chris Carrawell has had a great
year, but part of the reason why he has is because Williams has handled the
point. Chris doesn't have the year he has if he has to spend it playing point.

A Pretty Close Comparison

FG-FGA (%) 3pt-3A (%) Reb-. Avg Ast- Avg TO Blk Stl Avg PPG
Williams 24 127-288 44 53-138 38.4 98 4.1 139 5.8 96 4 55 2.9 14.4
Forte 26 157-339 46 41-104 39.4 143 5.5 72 2.7 68 6 39 1.5 15.8