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ACC Roundup

Les Robinson says that Memphis has

called to ask him about Bobby Cremins - but not Herb Sendek. They

would have to ask permisson to talk to a current coach, of course. For Cremins,

that could be a sweet spot. There are a few talent beds in the U.S. that

are truly amazing - New York, Chicago, L.A., and D.C., of course, but also

Baltimore, Detroit, and Memphis. It's funny to look at a Memphis roster -

typically every player is from Memphis. Arkansas cleaned up there for years as

well. For Bobby, it'd be a recruiters dream, and a good place possibly to

build a comeback. He

couldn't have gotten this guy, but there are three or four other names

mentioned in the article he could have gotten. Speaking of Cremins (and
here's one more fond farewell)
, two of his former player are heading
in opposite directions. Kevin Morris hit the winning shot for Georgia
State and is doing a solid job there,
having hit the big shot
in the last game (and Lefty is one game from tying
Norm Sloan for all-time wins, which is almost certainly driving Sloan out of his
mind) Gary Saunders, on the other hand, has screwed up at Seton Hall,
allegedly getting into an off-campus brawl.
His season, and career, are over.
This hurts
Seton Hall a lot.

Incidentally, speaking of the coaching carousel, and Seton Hall, if you think Amaker is going

to leave Seton Hall now for Tech (as rumor has it), or anywhere, you're

nuts. The guy has all the blocks in place for a Top 5 team. That

would be like building a car by hand and then trading it for a Toyota that has

to be rebuilt. He'd be nuts to leave now.

We're surprised it's taken so long, but Majerus
has come up as a candidate.
Hey, they have hotels in Atlanta. It could
happen. Mike
Brey's name
has come up, too. He's been content at Delaware, but Coach
K has been nudging him to take a big-time job, and he could be huge at Tech.

In Winston-Salem yesterday, Wake continued their recent renaissance, though
they lost.
A few weeks ago they might have lost by 20. They've
righted the ship, it seems to us, though whether it's too late is an open
question. However, the ACC Tournament usually requires a deep team, or a
lucky team, or a remarkable team to win all three games. Wake has at least
the first quality. Incidentally, this year, the tournament will go over the 3
million attendance mark. That's pretty amazing. Wake
was in position to tie
at the end but couldn't hit a shot, missing 3 in a
Here's more from the Post.

Like State, Wake will have to approach the upcoming Duke game as a life or
death issue. If they win, they have an outside chance still (they'd have to run
the table and probably at least reach the tourney finals), but if they lose, the
tournament is their only hope.

UVa will have the same mentality vs. UNC today - they are not in yet, though
they probably should be.
A win over UNC would be key.
It's a great matchup - a quick, small
team vs. a larger, not as quick team. Better get in those passing lanes!