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Wake, Tech, Gunning For NIT - If They're Lucky

Barring a miracle, Wake Forest and Tech are playing for NIT berths from here
on out. In Tech's case, it's not a big surprise, really. They have an odd
mishmash of parts, a center who lacks offensive polish, a power forward who
lacks defensive grit, and an erratic point guard. It's tough to get there
from here with that.

But Wake? What in the world has happened to Wake Forest? This team was
brilliant against Temple. We were hugely impressed by their performance.
Then they won at Arkansas, which isn't easy to do. Along the way they also
beat a tough Wisconsin, an always well coached Navy (not as easy as it sounds),
UNC, and played fairly well against Duke for part of that game.

What happened? Why is this team 12-9? It's baffling - they have lost to
Georgia on a freak shot, Oregon on a freak shot, FSU, State, Maryland,
Duke, UVa, and now Davidson. Davidson? Are you kidding? No disrespect to
Davidson, but realistically, Davidson, as well as they are coached and as
impressive as they are, Davidson shouldn't beat Wake one time in 50 - but
they did.

beating Tech is much less of a surprise
. Tech's been wretched at times. The
only depressing part is that it is more likely that Cremins will not return, and
that's too bad. He and Odom are both reasonably gifted coaches with
reasonably talented players. You can say whatever you want, but at some point,
if the players aren't responding to the coaches, the players are responsible.
The coaches, at least in this case, proved themselves long ago.

In other ACC games tonight, State beat FSU, ugly, but still a win, and Maryland
knocked off UVa,
doing Duke a favor by putting the closest team three games