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Next Up - State (1255 PM)






After a sensational game in Durham, Duke and State are lining up for a
rematch, but the teams have largely done in opposite directions lately. 
Duke has gone to 20-3, and is playing for a share of the tile, but State has
lost 4 straight.  There are reasons for the skid - primarily 
injuries, road woes, and foul trouble - but it's still not easy.

The losses started when Ron Kelley went down with a bum knee, and that forced
Damon Thornton to take on more of the load, and so far anyway, he has strugggled,
picking up fouls at a very high rate.  When he goes out, State has nothing
left inside to speak of.

In retrospect, their loss at Clemson was really key, and the disaster at
Maryland, where Thornton, after being called four foul #4, got hit with a T.
State had a lead with the game under control, but the free throws, the ensuing
shot, and the now-open inside made it impossible to keep Maryland down. 

Since then, things have gotten really bitter for State, and the NCAA seems
less and less likely, where earlier it was a sure thing.  Every State fan
we've talked to is pessimistic about this game, but it seems kind of deceptive.

For one, as we said earlier, this is State's best shot to impress the
committee.  For another, this rivalry has heated back up in a big
way.  These teams are getting to where they don't like each other very
much, not least of all Inge and Battier.  We expect a taut game, and since
State is playing for life, and Duke is playing for a championship, it's hard to
see how it could be less than intense.  We're stoked! Should be a great