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Send Your Wishes To Bobby Cremins

We were listening to a story John Feinstein told about Cremins tonight, where
he accidentally started watching recruiting a day early, and Gary Williams
finding out. Gary said, basically, boy if it was anyone else in the league, we'd
all be after him, but it's Bobby, so you know it's an innocent mistake (and
Cremins reported it, too).

It occurred to us that that's the case for a lot of ACC fans, too, and so we
had this idea that maybe some of you would like to tell him that yourself. So
here's what we're going to do: e-mail us your wishes for Bobby Cremins,

we'll put them together and get them to him. Make sure to identify who you pull for though, so he'll know it's a broad-based list of good wishes.
We'd really like to give him a
thick book, because, well, we always liked the guy. For one thing, during
all the tough times at Tech, he continued to smile. For another, he did a
teleconference in a a bathtub, and it's hard to imagine anyone else doing that. He's a good guy, and it'd be nice if he knows that he'll be missed. Pass it on to your friends! Let's let him leave with some warm memories of ACC fans.