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And For Those With Connection Problems...

A Star

Since some people can't access directories called games from work, we are cross-posting game stories on the Main Page. This is the same story as on the Games Past page.

After the Maryland game, how a young Duke team came out against Georgia Tech,
who had been on a bit of a roll lately, was key. They picked up pretty
much where they left off before the Terps got them, rolling to a relatively easy
victory. There were a lot of things worth mentioning in this game, but
before we go on, how about that Dunleavy move? Ay Carumba! His second Dr. J.
move of the season.

Ok, we had to get that out of our system.

The best part of the game was the defense. Duke really clamped down, taking
the ball from Tech 21 times. Well we should say Tech gave it up 21 times. Duke
actually took it away 13, which is still pretty damn good.

In the first game, in Durham, they shut off the outside game. This time
around they shut down the inside game. In the first half, Jones and
Collier were almost shut out. Not quite but the considerable size advantage was

The team in general had an excellent game, but some specific comments about
specific players:

  • Nate James had an excellent all-round game. Consistently underrated, James
    continues to show excellent leadership, talking when he needs to talk,
    acting when he needs to act. He had one of his better all-round games today.
  • Jason Williams: the rookie continues to be up one day and down the
    next, but his downs arent as far and his ups are exhilarating, to say the
    least. We liked his no-look pass, and his solid shooting, and his
    defense, but we particularly liked his control of the game. Jason only had 2
    turnovers, which is pretty good (the team as a whole had only one in the
    first half). His penetration is getting ridiculous at times.
  • Chris Carrawell: Cwell had a three half mini-slump before kicking it into
    gear in the second half. He was impressive. He was also Duke's only
    serious rebounding threat, and that was a problem. No one else go more
    than 5.
  • Mike Dunleavy: his highlight shots are always fun, but the best part of
    his game is watching him do the basic, quiet things, like be in the right
    place on a break.

All things considered, this was a nice bounceback from the Maryland game, and
the highlights, while the most meaningless part of the game, were a hell of a
lot of fun.

The downside of the victory was shoveling a little more dirt in the grave of
Bobby Cremins. One of the genuine good guys in the ACC, as well as an
all-time character, Bobby's days are probably numbered. Whenever his last
game in the tourney is this year, we hope ACC fans stand up and applaud him and
chant his name. He's been really good for the conference, and it's sad to think
of things without him.

Some other notes from the box score - Tech outrebounded Duke by a wide
margin, not surprising perhaps given 2 7 footers. Duke only had 7 turnovers.
Duke also only shot 64% from the free throw line.

Notes - Alvin Jones is thinking of going pro...someone tell him he's
nuts...Jason really has two stages to master..the first, just the basics of
running a team...second is taking over the game...he's very close on the
first...his in-traffic pass was amazing, even though it was of the
things we've always liked about Bobby Cremins is that he smiles no matter
what...he wasn't smiling today...Matt Christensen had a solid game, his best in