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A Big Weekend Coming Up For Football Recruiting

We all want the football team to do better, and the only way for that to happen is to get more talent. Along those lines, a number of very
highly regarded recruits will be in town on the weekend of the Michigan game and will be in attendance. If the Crazies let them know that football
is also appreciated at Duke, it certainly couldn't hurt. A number of these kids are the real deal, too. All of these guys are in for the Michigan game except for Jay Davis, who is visiting this weekend.

  • Demetrius Warrick - DE, 6-8, 250 (!)
  • Jay Davis (QB)
  • Jeff Backes (RB/DB, 4.25 speed)
  • Thomas Derricks (#6 DT)
  • Casey Carroll (#61 DT)
  • David Gutshall (#49 DE - already verballed)
  • Michael Lovelady (#64 DE)
  • Matt Stone (#98 DE)
  • Evan Benjamin (#40 S - both parents are Dukies)
  • Jim Moravchik, OL