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ACC Roundup

The college basketball world is
likely still buzzing
over what Wake
Forest did to Kansas last night.
In a word, the
Deacs were awesome.
As Josh Shoemaker pointed out, they out-rebounded
Kansas at every position. Kansas partisans will say, hey, we didn't have
Kenny Gregory, and they're right of course, but Wake didn't have Rafael
Vidauretta, Ervin Murray is still getting over mono, and Darius Songaila got a
nasty in-game injury too. So the injury excuse won't
cut it.
What happened is brutally simple: Wake just beat
the snot out of Kansas
and sent them back to the drawing board. Last
night, they were far,
far better
than any Wake team we've ever seen. The Lawrence paper says
it wasn't as bad
as Pearl Harbor
but it was close.

The news from Tallahassee is not nearly as good. As a matter of fact, things
are getting grim. And while everyone will assume that South
Florida is a horrible loss,
and it's not good, the fact is that Seth
Greenberg is a tremendous recruiter and a driven coach. It's not a huge surprise
that they won this game, at least not to us. But as Tallahassee columnist John
Nogowski points out in the previous link, things are dark in Tallahassee, and
there's no evidence of light.

One of the least popular ACC players in our memory, along with probably
Laettner (outside of Durham anyway), was Jeff McInnis. Here's a
brief catchup
on what he's up to.

In other UNC news, the Heels are off
to to Houston to play Texas A&M,
coached, if we're not mistaken, by
former Charlotte coach Melvin Watkins. He's pretty good but getting talent
there has never been easy.

In Atlanta, the YellowJackets are getting ready for Kentucky. For Jon Babul,
it's his last game as an undergrad.
Kentucky has recently revised
it's alcohol policy
. Here's an
update on the Widcats.