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Quin, Tommy & Brey - How Are They Doing?

Frank Burlison has a great column up about
Quin Snyder at Mizzou
and how he's doing. In a nutshell, great.

Burlison is predicting great things for Snyder. Makes sense to us.

So how are the other guys doing? Well, Tommy Amaker has a major rising star
in Eddie Griffin, who is back
from his minor knee injury
. This guy looks like the real deal: 22 points,
13.5 rebounds, and 6.6 blocks per game. As a freshman! If Andre Barrett is
as refined a player as he appears, and the others can keep their end up, this
team has a legitmate shot at the Final Four. Now Tommy wants efficiency.

At Notre Dame, the
Irish had a tough loss to Indiana,
but are still as highly regarded as they
have been in years and seem to be buying into Mike Brey's system.